The concept of diversity

Diversity in the general sense refers to differences and to the layman, we can say diversity means what makes something unique or special from the

Diversity in the general sense refers to differences and to the layman, we can say diversity means what makes something unique or special from the other. If you take a mango tree and an apple tree, there is diversity since these two plants are different from each other and in their own unique ways; that is the concept of diversity in the general sense. 

In humans, there are differences as well and we can conclude by referring to that concept as diversity in humans. The first diversity in human is the sex thus either male or female and that makes both parties unique in their own way. A male feels special and so thus a female and they both live in the same environment but with these diversities. That is all about the concept of diversity as a social change agenda by the media and intellectuals.

Diversity can be seen as the individual and personal unique differences that makes each and every one unique and special from the others. Aside the gender aspect of diversity, there is also a very big diversity amongst humans at large. People see themselves different from the other and humans who do not understand that everyone is different in his or her own unique tend to look down on people who do not live up to the former’s expectations and that is why there is the need to include diversity in the media sphere since the media is the largest agent of social change in the society.

Every individual possesses a special character, special trait, special attitude and approach which may sometimes differ from other individuals. Some people tend to admire the above mentioned characteristics and tend to stereotype others too and it is all because they fail to appreciate diversity because of ignorance and no education about diversity. An example of these various characteristics include, sexual orientation or gender as mentioned earlier, ethnic groups, race, skin color and many other characteristics which would be discussed proper as the concept education goes on.

Diversity is all about understanding that each and every one is unique and different. The creator in his own wisdom made available these traits and characteristics which would differentiate humans. It is therefore advisable to appreciate each and everyone’s differences in the society. There is no one who is superior or inferior with regards to the differences, everyone is unique and different in their own way. Once we are able to spot this differences, there would be always harmony and stability in the society. Let’s take this example; an introvert and an extrovert. These people are absolutely different from each other and they are both unique in their own way. In a general sense, there is no way an introvert would be comfortable or cool around an extrovert and that happens to be a fact if the introvert does not appreciate diversity and that everyone is different including the extrovert. The same way with the extrovert hanging out with the introvert, there would be always that kind of disparity and boredom if the extrovert does not appreciate the fact that the introvert is different in his or her own way.

It does happen in our daily lives as many of the conflicts in our societies are as a results of people failing to spot individual differences and appreciating them. This is not the society’s fault but those who know the essence of diversity yet fail to appreciate it. In the market, in schools and institutions, there are still conflicts resulting from this diversity that most people fail to appreciate.

As a society, we can appreciate society when we tend to respect and appreciate everyone irrespective of their background, color, gender or anything that differentiate them. That is the best way forward and achieving this can be done mainly by the media and that is why the media practitioners who are agents of social change must be taken through all of these things so that when they go out there on the field, they can educate people to respect and value each other irrespective of the various differences.

Once the society understands and value people with diverse attitudes and characters, there is a high probability that the stability and development of the society would be at a safer level since people who feel that their differences are not valued would also feel safe to involve themselves in decision makings and that is an avenue for a societal development. Giving positions to people on capability basis and not on gender, skin color, race, ethnic or even disability would enhance equal participation in the affairs of the society and everyone would be willing to put up their best to sacrifice for the society and that is the concept of inclusion. The next lesson is going to be beyond just recognizing the difference but involving the differences as well.

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